I Made a Movie News Update

To the I Made a Movie Community:

We here at I Made A Movie wish to thank everyone for their support over the last several years. As you know, with your help and participation, we were successful in creating two movies: “Rancho D ‘Amour” and “Walk In”. Both of those films are now in the hands of the distribution agents and we look towards good things from them by year end. However, until we actually start to get some sales from those films we, as a company will be unable to pursue any more projects. We have several in mind, including “Cheerleaders vs. Zombies” which has now morphed into “Dixie Slaughter, Zombie Killer”; “The Caverns” and a Western concept film.

So hold good thoughts for our marketing of “Rancho D ‘Amour” and “Walk In” so we’ll be able to get on with the magic of making more films.


Frank McEnulty - President
I Made A Movie, Inc.

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